Here’s a few articles that I’ve written. I have a background in HR, a degree in Criminology and I enjoy writing about a variety of topics.


Neurodiversity: The superpower fuelling creativity and innovation.

How simple adjustments to your HR process can help you tap into the ‘neurodivergent’ talent pool. You’d be a fool not to.


Look! A label.

So what's it like having a child with Autism? How do you cope?

If you're wanting to read how difficult it is, or how I wish my child was "normal", this isn't the article for you. Move along.


Work stress: Give yourself a break.

Finding a healthy work-life balance doesn’t have to mean taking a pay cut, finding a new job or starting your own business. It can simply be a change in your mindset and the way you approach each day.


Toilet training and lessons in copywriting.

I’ve been writing stuff and calling myself a copywriter for the last 4 years. I love it. I hate it. We were meant to be together. I’ve made mistakes and learnt a fair bit along the way.

I’m also a mum who’s spent the last few weeks shouting “do you need a wee?” and it dawned on me that toilet training and copywriting are not so dissimilar.


To business plan, or not to business plan: that is the question.

Are business plans a way for candidates to showcase themselves and their approach to strategy and planning? Or are they a way for employers to acquire strategic plans without paying for them?

(Spoiler alert: It’s not the latter).


GDP-Arrgghhh! Did you panic?

A lot of companies did and pressed the big red ‘send GDPR consent’ button.

The result? LOTS of unnecessary emails and a rapidly shrinking marketing database as users chose to ignore rather than opt-in. Ouch!